Bookkeeping Affairs, LLC

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About Us

We are Passionate About Growing Your Bottom Line!

My name is Cynthia Franklin, an experienced bookkeeper based in South Louisiana serving clients all over the United States.

I gained my experience while working at the Louisiana Department of Revenue for 33 years. During my tenure as a Tax Specialist Supervisor, I witnessed firsthand how small and large businesses alike struggle from bookkeeping woes. 

Bookkeeping Affairs, LLC was created to help those small business owners get their business books in order without the hassle and headache of trying to do everything themselves and for those struggling to find knowledgeable, dependable and honest bookkeepers. 

Every business must keep accurate financial records. Good recordkeeping is required by the IRS, but it also helps you scale your business and grow your profits.

We’re passionate about helping small business owners like you make and KEEP more of your hard-earned money. We believe that having an accurate set of books will set you up for a seamless tax season, but ALSO help you take your business to new heights. 

We believe that working with a seasoned professional will enable you to better focus on your unique talents to make your business flourish. We look forward to coming alongside you in your journey.